Why do I need professional video?

Video content drives communications. The more vivid and eye-catching your video content is, the more people will pay attention to your content. Whether you are auditioning for college, raising money for an art gallery opening, or documenting a concert tour or Archiving your symphony’s entire season on you tube- having someone there who’s promary focus can be the tech stuff means one less thing you have to worry about.

How will my files be delivered?

I deliver original files via Dropbox and also make Vimeo Previews for you to audition and share. I can also uploa to your Youtube or Vimeo Site if you give me permission to go so. 

Who is responsible for storing finished work and video files?

You are- and that is good and bad news! The bad news- it is impossible for me to have unlimited storage space, even though data storage gets less and less expensive as time goes on. I pay monthly for professional cloud storage and physical hard drives and I ask that people confirm receipt and download their materials as soon as possible. The good news is once you have downloaded your video products to your own hard drive, you can post them to your own Youtube or Vimeo site and drive traffic to your pages. There you can track the number of hits, get subscribers to watch your videos and edit things like subtitles, descriptions and advanced publishing preferences, even monetize!  

Who does the material belong to?

I ultimately own all the files I create, and you own any finished projects or versions of deliverables I create. You also own the rights to your name, your image, and unique intellectual property, and information regarding your performance, image or ideas. Non-disclosure and waiver forms are available upon request. So are contracts for service and confirmation/deliverables agreements and or official invoices.


Can you add multi-camera video to edited audio?

The short answer is yes. But it depends how much the audio differs from the original. If the audio track is virtually the same as the video track, except for a few spot fixes, that should be an easy thing to do, subject to an hourly editing rate, especially if I have recorded the audio and have performed the edits. If there exists a Humpty-Dumpty situation- where the audio track is so cut up that I can’t put it back together again- there isn’t much all the king’s horses, and all the king’s men could do, if Dave can’t put it back together again.

What do I say in a promotional video?

I can usually ask a few questions of you, before an interview to find out what it is you will need to be saying to your potential audiences. Have you ever practiced your elevator pitch? That is the notion of meeting a friend you haven’t seen in a long time or better yet, a very generous investor who can give you money to invest in your project if you can only explain what it is to them, but in the elevator and the investor is getting off on their floor soon. The less complicated and heart felt the better. Avoid reading off of cue cards or prompters, as that can look and feel wrong for this kind of purpose.

Have any other questions? Definitely email me: dave@davejamrog.com