So Many Amazing Musicians!!

It is the height of college audition season! A time where high school students everywhere are making recordings for graduate degree programs, competitions, all-states, national ensembles and post-graduate degree programs. Right now it is Thanksgiving Eve and after I go to sleep my computer will still be staunchly whirring away all night, as it has for the past several nights, rendering files that the High School Seniors of 2016 will use to help define or supplement who they are to so many programs across the country. 

     So far this year I have recorded around 50 young artists. Some with the intent on showcasing the their musicality to conservatories and a life/career of music and others have recorded to prove their "well-roundedness" with interests beyond music. But both have exhibited an extremely earnest sense of hope.

     All have offered me a lesson in one way or another and their teachers and parents even moreso.

      I wish you all the best of luck. I sincerely hope that my small part in your application process enables you to get where you need to go... Wherever that may be.